Wholesale Reusable Tote Bag with Gusset

Wholesale Reusable Tote Bag with Gusset

Offered in 25 Solid Colors

Tote bag with squared off bottom gusset giving the extra room you need. Our Whole Sale Tote Bags make a perfect blank tote bag or printed tote bags. You can buy our tote bags with gusset blank tote bag or tote bags in bulk. You can't beat our wholesale tote bag pricing. This is a perfect bag for all your promotional needs. 

Wholesale tote bags at cheap tote bag prices. These are great for printed tote bags, clank tote bags, or buy these tote bags in bulk. A perfect bag to use as a reusable shopping tote or your every day to day needs.

Product Details:

Material: 6 oz 100% Cotton
Size: 15"W x 16"H x 3"D
Imprint Area: 8'W X 10'H
XL Imprint Area: 10'W X 12'H
Handles Size: Approx 20"
Imprint: 10"W x 12"H
Squared off bottom gusset

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